What is Bismillah? Secrets of Bismillah, Virtue of Bismillah

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Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim. Dear readers, in this lecture, we touched on issues such as the meaning and the secrets of Bismillah, the virtue of Bismillah. In addition, the benefit of Bismillah to Pharaoh. We also mentioned events such as the letter written by Omar Ibn Khattab (r.a.) to the Nile River, the state of the food eaten without reciting Bismillah. May it guide the true path of all mankind.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim Meaning

Bismillah; It is a sentence that is read as “Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim” in Arabic, meaning “in the name of Allah, the merciful and the beneficial”, and contains many secrets, as we will mention in the future. With God’s permission and grace, there is no door that Bismillah cannot open, and there is nothing it cannot handle. As long as it’s from those who believe in the secret and those who follow it. It is essential to learn the meanings and secrets of Al Istitaath which is read before Bismillah.

Bismillah is the key of the Qur’an and the first writing written by the God’s pen and the first word that is revealed to Adam (a.s.). In order for charity and blessings, it is necessary to mention the name of Allah when starting every honorable business.

As a matter of fact, God mentions in the 29-31st verses of the surah Naml. In his verses, he mentions the word “Bismillah” (Bismillahirrahmanirrahim) in person and tells the story of Solomon’s letter to Queen Belkıs of Sebe as follows:

Belkis said, “O nobles! I’ve been left a precious letter. He is of Solomon, and (starts with) in the name of Allah, the most merciful and beneficial (Bismillah). He says, “Do not defy me and come to me as a Muslim.”

Surah of Neml, 29-31. Verses

When talking about the letter here, Belkis specifically stated that it begins with “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” which shows the greatness of Bismillah that affected Belkıs. As we can see, Bismillah has taken over Belkıs. Then we must start with Bismillah in every job and every letter.

Importance of Bismillah
Importance of Bismillah

Every important work that does not start with Bismillah is imperfect (unfruitful).

Hadith-i Sharif (Abu David. Nesai. Ahmed.)

So if it is said why the surah At-Tawba was not started with Bismillah, it is said as follows. Bismillah meant safety among Arabs. When they wrote the agreements they write Bismillah. they did not write Bismillah in the correspondence between them when the agreements were broken. Since this blessed surah revealed with a sword and lifted the safety given to the polytheists, no Bismillah was written before.

The State of Food Eaten Without Bismillah

When one of you eats, let him mention the name of Allah. If he forgets before, say, “Bismillahi fi evvelihi ve ahirihi” (before and after, in the name of God)

Hadisi Sharif (Rumor: Hz. Aisha (r.a.))

A Bedouin began to eat without Bismillah, then remembered and recited it. The Messenger of God (p.a.v.) smiled. When asked why, he said, “Satan was eating with him when he started eating without Bismillah. When he read the feed, the devil hoarded what he ate.”

The prophet (pbuh) was eating with six others from the ashap. A Bedouin came and finished the meal in two bites. he said “If he had recited Bismillah, food would have been enough for all of you.”

When slaughtering animals, throwing arrows, bullets, etc. into the hunt, it is also obligatory to recite Bismillah. If the hunter forgets to recite, it is allowed to eat what he hunted because he did not do it intentionally.

Virtue of Bismillah

Whoever asks God to save himself from the 19 demons on the Day of Resurrection, let him read the words “Bismillâhirrahmanirrahim”. Because every letter in Bismillah is a shield for each of the demons. There are 19 letters of Bismillah, and without the help of Allah, no one can prevail over the demons with his strength and grace.

Hadith-i Sharif

Day and night is a total of 24 hours. Prayers were observed 5 times in 5 hours. That leaves 19 hours. These letters atone for sins committed in 19 hours. (Source: Book Tefsir-i Kebir).

The Greek Kaiser sent a letter to Omar (r.a). He reported a headache and demanded that he send medication. Hz. Omar (r.a.) sent a cap. When they put it on the child’s head, the pain goes away, and when they take it off, the pain comes back. They were astonished, and they opened it up. They saw a paper written Bismillah on it.

Some Mecusi demanded Khalid Bin Velid (r.a.) that he should show a miracle. So he asked for a poison. They brought a glass of poison. He picked it up, recited Bismillah and drank it. He stood up with nothing. The Mecusis who saw this said, “This is the right religion”, and became Muslim.

Let’s make a note here. No wonder. Because the fact that the poison does not spread to Khalid bin Walid (r.a.) is due to the certainty of his faith, the beauty and cleanliness of his intentions, and the completeness of his goodness. Because Bismillah is the first thing God wrote. It’s the key to cleanliness, even all the work. But this is a special tribute to the guardians (awliya) of Allah. We helpless servants should stay away from such things.

What about Eba Hureyre! When you perform ablution (wudhu), recite Bismillah (recite “Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim“). The angels of Hafaza write goodness until you finish the ablution. And when you get close to your wife, recite. They write sawabs (rewards) until you perform gushl (full body ablution). If a child is born with this way, you gain as many rewards as his breaths.

Hadith-i Sharif

Hz. Omar’s (r.a.) Letter to the Nile River with Bismillah

Hz. Omar (r.a.) sent Amr bin As (r.a.) to Egypt as governor. When Amr arrived in Egypt, the people told him that the Nile river did not flow at this time every year, and that it flowed as after they threw a virgin girl into the river, by persuading his parents.

“It’s a custom of ignorance, that’s not the case in Islam,” Amr said. He informed Omar (ra). Omar sent a letter addressed to Nile.

“Bismillâhir-rahmanir-rahim. O Nile! We don’t need you if you’re flowing by the command of someone other than God. If you are flowing by the command of Allah, then flow.” When the letter was left on the Nile, it began to flow with God’s permission and blessings.

Benefit of Bismillah: Pharaoh

Pharaoh had written on the gates of his palace with Bismillah (Bismillâhir-rahmanir-rahim) before claiming divine deity. God sent Moses and Aaron to him, and they invited him to believe. Pharaoh did not believe. Moses (p.s.) said to God, “And the Lord! Why did you give this heretic so long, and you did not destroy it?” God:

“Moses! You look at his blasphemy and you want him destroyed. I look at Bismillah he wrote on the door of his palace and give him time”

If God is so merciful to a notorious non-believer like Pharaoh, and gives him rescluse to return despite the violence of his blasphemy, what do you think his mercy is to us as Muslims? Praise be to God, who has made us Muslims.

Allah Gave the Blessing of Bismillah to Four People

1. To Noah (p.s.): “Get into the ship which is in the name of Allah that it goes and and stops” (Surah Hud, 41), the ship floated on the water despite the flood. Noah (p.s.) survived with half of Bismillah (reciting only beginning of it).

2. To Solomon (p.s.): Surah Naml. As mentioned in his verses, he began his letter to Queen Belkis by saying “Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim” and invited them to the right religion. He possessed the reign of the world and the afterlife.

And We gave the wind to Solomon’s command. Morning commute was a month’s drive, evening return was a month’s drive. We flooded the molten copper mine to him. And by the permission of his Lord, he had men of the jinn at his disposal. And if any of them come out of our command, We will make them taste the punishment of fire.

Surah Saba, 12

3. To the Prophet (p.a.v.): He went to Miraj with the blessing of Bismillah. While still in the world, he became prosperous with the unique Jamal (face) of God. he gained ‘Kaaba Kavseyn’ degree.

4. Ummah Mohammed. With the blessing of Bismillah, they will pass through Sirat (the bridge to heaven) at lightning speed. (Source: Book Tefsiri-i Hanefi)

Secrets of Bismillah

  • The number of Bismillah in Abjad system is 786. So if it’s recited 786 times for any job, it’s done.
  • Whoever reads 21 times before bedtime will make sure away of sudden death and theft that night.
  • If it is read 50 times to the face of a tyrant, it will be disgrace, and Allah will give his heart a fear.
  • If it’s read 41 times to the epileptic patient, he’ll soar.
  • When the sun rises, God provides suscation to the person who reads 300 times and reads salavat 100 times.
  • If a fool recites it in a glass of water and drinks it, his folly goes away, he remembers everything what he hears
  • If a white glass is written Bismillah 40 times, then the writing is removed with water, and if this water is given to the woman who is struggling at birth, the birth becomes easier.
  • If it is written 19 or 21 times on a paper and placed on the bedside of the child who is afraid in his sleep, he will not be afraid.


Praise be to Allah, who owns everything including secrets of Bismillah, the great, who indulg his servants by accepting little deeds, and who offers them a lot of reward. Blessings of God be upon our Prophet as well as peace.

O lord, the owner of the servants, the conqueror of the gates, the creator of the causes! Create for us the reasons we can’t afford.

O Lord! Give us what you promised us in the tongues of your Prophets, and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection. Surely you will not resnd over your promise.

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